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Schedule now — $350

For the DIYers out there who may be a little worried about putting their website out into the world.

Features include:

✔   Extensive Showit Site Audit
✔   SEO checks
✔   PDF Report with action items
✔   Video site walkthrough

Showit Launch Audit

At the end of your audit we hop on a call for an hour and I screen share to help you make the more complicated fixes.

The fix

Within Showit there are a few things to organize and set, that help out search engines. And they're not always super obvious.

Showit audit

Get your ducks in a row with your privacy policy page, cookie, policy, and any other required pages.

The Legal Audit*

Let's make sure your CTAs, contact forms, and mobile optimization are all working to be their best.

Effectivness audit

The second a user clicks a broken link, their likelihood of leaving your site increases exponentially. 

Technical audit

A full inspection of everything visual on your site. From your branding to favicon, and fonts to images.

Visual audit

Tell me everything

*Quick disclaimer that I am not a lawyer, and nothing I say should be taken as legal advice. Each state and country are different, but having a few legal  pages (like your privacy policy, and cookie policy) is generally required, so that's what we do here.

what's included

  • Branding
  • Fonts
  • Content
  • Homepage
  • Customer Journey
  • CTA Flow
  • Contact Forms
  • Accessibility - alt text
  • Links checks
  • Text Tagging & Hierarchy
  • Media
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Cookies & Privacy
  • Basic SEO
  • Page Speeds - Mobile and Desktop
  • Screen Checking
  • Check for SSL
  • PDF summary
  • 1-Hour call to walk through changes

Schedule now — $350

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